related to "teleological"

Directed or tending toward a goal or purpose; purposeful. (Mission, Shared Goal)

Recently nonlinear dynamics theorists have returned to the study of telic phenomena, which they refer to as "SelfOrganization." (Self Organizing) (Victoria Alexander)

inherently progressive or creatively organized toward goals

compared to pseudo/Neologism "neen" - People which are busy with aesthetics but who also have jobs and clients, are Telic... Neen in this cases, is what their clients don't understand but they don't have the courage to ask about... Telic is Giacometti , Neen is Fontana. Nature is Telic and miracles are Neen... Really, there is no way to preserve Neen, because it expires after a second. Commentary by SalonCom and Feed Mag. Related to Play Ethic?

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