Two Way Web

A Dave Winer term for a Web that's more writing-friendly (creation-friendly, not just words). WebLog, Wiki, Discussion Forum, etc.

Social Media, Social Software, Participatory Media, Conversational Media, User Generated Content, etc.

Maybe we should call it "Web 0.1" since this was inherent in Tim Berners Lee original work.

Dave focuses on XmlRpc and SOAP as the key protocols.

  • Mar2000 : It turns out the Web as a writing environment is GroupWare, not a productivity application... We did a strong server side, built in our object database, but I kept searching for the easiest way for writers to write for the Web. One of the things I tried really worked - writing in a web browser like Netscape or MsIE... In other words, if you want the best Web editing environment, you have to figure out how to connect the best writing, design and graphics tools to the content system, as if they were Web browsers. That's going to yield the best results, and is, imho how the Tim Berners Lee vision of the Two-Way-Web will be realized.

  • Nov2000 : Even though many people use MsWord, quite a few prefer EMacs or BBEdit. I like writing in an outliner (OutLining). We can create a network of compatible content systems and text editors, figure out how it must work (BootStrapping), and even if Microsoft won't bring Word into the fold, there's probably enough openness in the newest versions of Word to make it part of the network without direct investment by Microsoft... Think of Radio Userland as our Amaya Browser, a way of showing everyone else that writing on the Internet can be fun and easy, and wild and uncontrolled.

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