Url Shortener

WebApp that provides short handles that Re Direct to a longer URI. Often used with Twitter to fit message plus URI into 140char limit.


If instead the goal is to have a URL that works even after a target document moves... heh stick a UUID in the page, and let Google or any other Search Engine be your engine... (for other people's pages where this isn't possible, copy/paste an Excerpt)

Tiny Url, BitLy

Not quite UUID.

Hmm, kinda reminds me of Purple Numbers. You could make an entry not just for each page, but for each node's UUID (Paragraph Addressable).

Oct'2010 - comparing 10 alternatives.

Tantek Celik's Whistle shortener is algorithmic (meaning you don't really need to do a Data Store lookup), which works IFF your underlying Data Store (hmm, inconsistent?) tracks the post-number-of-the-day.

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