Vending Machine

Machine that sells/dispenses product. Retail variation. "Kiosk"

Newspaper box

Train tickets, SubWay Metro Card

  • air-flight life insurance

Lottery tickets

Live Event Ticket Seller? Seems pointless (given ability to print-at-home).

Auto Mat - food

Candy, soda, stamps, condoms, tampons, etc.

Coffee Machine


Mobile phones, accessories, SIM cards

Copy Machine (KinKos)

Desktop Fab! (note needs even more hand-holding than Copy Machine)


Video rentals (Red Box) or purchase.

Coin Star (owner of Red Box)

Photo Mat, Digital Camera printing

Parking Meter

Live lobsters?

Other weird varieties

Why sell something this way?

  • avoid inventory-theft (from employees and customers)
  • sell something in a place where there are no people to handle transactions
  • sell something where there's nobody qualified to deal with some weird aspect of closing a sale
  • sell something at a time when there's nobody available to do work (middle of night in airport, train station, etc.)
  • sell something where you purposely avoid the cost of customer service
  • sell something with greater Privacy from not having a salesclerk
  • Entertainment/experience: a Photo Booth isn't about the awesome pictures but the silly moment shared among friends at a to-be-remembered time/place

Good locations

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