Voting System

Voting systems are methods (algorithms) for groups of people to select one or more options from many, taking into account the individual preferences of the group members.

Single Winner Systems

  • Approval voting

  • Borda count

  • Condorcet methods

  • Coombs' method

  • Copeland's method

  • First-past-the-post (also called Plurality or Relative Majority)

  • Preferential or Instant Runoff Voting (also called Alternative Vote)

  • Range voting

  • Runoff voting

Multiple Winner Systems

  • Multiple Winner Systems (not party-list)

    • Proportional approval voting

    • Block voting

    • Borda count

    • Cumulative voting

    • Single non-transferable vote

    • Single transferable vote (STV)

  • Party-list proportional representation. Allocation methods:

    • d'Hondt method

    • largest remainder method

    • Sainte-Lague method

Do we want the result to be a Two Party System?

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