Wiki Consulting

I am not in this business for the moment. Already have a DayJob.

When you should contact me for assistance in using Wiki For CollaborationWare:

  • For teams managing many interrelated issues and projects, who are dissatisfied with relying just on email for coordinating everyone,

  • I provide facilitation services to assist in launching a wiki-based complement to email.

  • Compared to doing it yourself, my experience and documented process will reduce uncertainty and roll-out time.

The software, of course, is free (Open Source). I didn't write it, but I've added some modifications which I've found useful.

General wiki services: $50/hr

  • scope/requirements definition. Are there specific problems you're trying to solve? Will Wiki really help solve those problems? What are the access control issues? How many wikis might you need to run, and how integrated do they need to be? How will adding Wiki to the communications mix change how other tools are used/eliminated (e.g. file server, MsOffice docs)?

  • engine selection

  • on-staff point person selection

  • identification of existing documents to migrate to wiki first to encourage/ease use. Convert some documents to wiki form.

  • training agenda, to be performed by on-staff person or us.

  • work with point person in setting up access rights

  • review wiki updates during transition time to provide feedback/recommendation on quality of usage

  • coordinate between point and server admin staff on server administration, backup, etc.

Wiki customization services (with zwiki engine only): $100/hr

  • code changes: Wiki Name pattern tweaks, etc.

  • format changes

I can also arrange for 3rd party hosting of your server (zwiki only). This also includes IMAP EMail service, etc.

Contact info: see Bill Seitz

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