(2005-06-17) Tinkering School

The Tinkering School runs a one-week camp of hands-on Stimulating Learning Projects for kids 7-17.

Mar'2007: Gever Tulley gave a talk at TED on 5 dangerous things you should let your kids do. Play With Fire, Own a Pocket Knife, Throw A Spear, Deconstruct Appliances, Break the DMCA, Drive an AutoMobile. (he's working on a book of 50 things) (Raising Kids)

  • update: the book is out ISBN:0451234197

Aug'2008: profile in the Ny Times: Gever Tulley's now Educating Adults (software developers). Creative designers and engineers are rebelling against their alienation from the physical world. "The hands-on part is for me a critical aspect of understanding how to design," said Michael Kuniavsky , a consultant in San Francisco who for three years has convened a summer gathering of leading designers, called "SketchingInHardware."

Jan'2012 update: he's launched a Private School in San Francisco called BrightWorks. Opened this past September admitting K-7, will become K-12. Their "arc" model is group-based Project Based Learning: Through this exploration, our students gravitate towards an aspect of wind that intrigues them, often clustering around a common interest. We help these groups turn their curiosity into a declaration: a proposal for a project that expresses their new-found inspiration.

  • Sept'2012 Pictures from the start of year-2.

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