Curricul Um driven by ProJect structure, typically inter-disciplinary


Buck Institute For Education

The Coolest School In America 1578861861 about the creation of the Ed Visions Minnesota New Country School

I'm not a huge fan of the book Reinventing Project Based Learning.

Jeff Robin of High Tech High on the importance of PlannIng, Manage Ment, and Exhibit Ion.

Aug'2011: Jane Krauss is Crowd Sourcing "Project Sketch-s".

compared to Problem Based Learning.

Hmm, I wonder whether a ProJect needs to be Iterat Ive so the student can "try again".

Yet, in Raising Kids, there's nothing I dread more than a danged ProJect. Why is this?

Likewise, until maybe Business School, I found "Group Projects" to be a pain. Why?

I've started to collect Stimulating Learning Projects.

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