School is boring for lots of kids, regardless of Intellig Ence level (assumption alert - is there such a thing as an 'intelligence level'? it seems to presume a single number rating - IQ).

Some of this is due to process - chairs in rows, fixed class period length, isolation between classes. Those have to be fixed too! But if you design a good agenda, then let the structure follow from that, the structure will take care of itself that way.

Some big disclaimers

Some meta-ideas

Some specific ideas:

Learning from Sept11 terrorist attacks

Math/PhysIcs of athletics

Build machines, study theory behind performance affectors

Build analog (maybe low-digital) Electron Ics (that do something cool/fun)

Micro Controller projects

Lab projects: Paul Nakada recommends and


Computer Programming

Arts And Crafts

Exposing Young Kids To Science


Do Outdoorsy Stuff?

Some sources of inspiration

<b>improv</b> --2003/11/08 23:55 GMT<br> I would suggest having kids study ImProv. I've taken improv classes as an adult. Improv teaches mostly through fun exercises and games.

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