(2006-11-06) Brin Brown Google Talk

David Brin and Sheldon Brown gave a talk at Google. Visualization/Mapping at Problem Solving tool. See the Video.

They've worked together on the Exorarium project.

They broke up their talk into Art, Anticipation, Resilience, and Discourse (which I'll instead call Argumentation). Brin spent most of his time on the last point, saying the middle two are pretty well understood.

  • "We think that Generation Y doesn't want to engage in Argumentation, but their behavior is driven by their preference for Live Chat/Instant Messaging."
  • "Therefore if we want their participation, we need to improve Real Time Collaboration Ware."
  • Brin himself just got a Patent for such ideas, which he's putting under the label Holocene. His intent is not so much to get rich on licensing, as to show, by existence of the patent, that nobody's done this before, in hopes of drawing attention and other implementations. (Which seems like backwards PR to me. In the video he says "I tried everything else without success, so I'm trying this." Maybe he should transfer the IP over to the EFF, kinda like in Accelerando.) Mark Burgess is his CTO.

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