(2011-02-23) Twitter Chat

Kids are apparently dropping out of WebLog writing in favor of FaceBook and Twitter.

Some folks discussing this on an email-list wondered if MicroBlogging makes it harder to have rich/deep Dialogue. This reminded me of David Brin's Holocene talk - 2006-11-06-BrinBrownGoogleTalk. And triggered me to say - "I wish it were easier to slide from a MicroBlogging stream into a Live Chat space (whether 1-to-1 or group)".

Then I Commented: What if you have your own IRC channel, and you have a command/bot (IrcBot) in there so that the line you type gets Tweeted, including link into that IRC space. But of course that would require that everyone have an IRC client. (Sounds like a feature-request for GTalk esp Android client.)

(Too bad CampFire isn't free.)

Hmm, free/cheap WebChat?

Hmm, maybe this is an opportunity for a Microblogging Client.

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