(2009-10-17) Zwiki Clone Choice

I've been playing with Pinax a little, but realize my top personal-project priority probably should be to Clone Zwiki. Should I really be using Pinax for that? Or even Django?

  • don't want to end up hosting a bunch of users esp if getting free hosting from my friend.

  • is the user/group/Social Networking side of value?

    • could support allowing some discussion of pages

      • do with simple Discussion Forum plugin?

      • do with DisQus?

      • do with separate per-page field to Append to? (That would allow WikiWord use.) (Would probably require the most work.)

  • is any of the CMS bits of use? Yes, want some static pages (e.g. career) and images, but ok to just edit those manually and upload to Apache directory.

  • So what should I use?

    • Go all the way back/out to MoinMoin or PikiPiki? Go back to Robaccia?

      • Wouldn't handle the static stuff, but actually that could just be direct Apache.
  • Key thing is support for Re Structured Text (uh-oh, is that Structured Text?). So next step is to check whether Django WikiEngine supports it (definitely Pinax does), and check MoinMoin too.

I see that all the back in May'2007 Joe Gregorio was making a WikiEngine in Robaccia. Hmm but then it looks like he ripped it out....

Oct19: see Cloning Zwiki With Moinmoin

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