(2010-09-23) Book Stakeholders Picking Channels

As part of my Book Server thinking, I should document current non-random practice of how various non-retailers (e.g. authors, publishers) generate sales (Printed Book and EBook). Do publishers sell themselves? Do they also point to Amazon and others? Do authors point to their publisher's site (if that publisher does self-selling), or point to retailers? (Business Models For Information)

Books I've bought/read recently

Current Ny Times best-sellers...

  • Fiction: NicholasSparks: Safe Haven - published by Grand Center (Hachette)

    • his site's [page](http://nicholassparks.com/Learn More.asp?BookID=35) for the book has Purchase button which expands to link to 4 Book Store-s.

    • Hachette site home page links to Sparks author page, which has no info or links to his books!

      • searching site by book title finds lots of matches

        • entries for "Nicholas Sparks (adult)" and "Nicholas Sparks (children)" - the former gives a page with useful info and links.

        • lots of links for the book - the various editions - hardcover page links to book Purchase page which has links to lots of Book Store-s.

So it appears that there's no "standard" practice in terms of whether publisher sells book directly, and whether author links to publisher vs 1 Book Store vs many Book Store-s.

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