Joel Fuhrman

Author writing about Good Diet.

Notes on Eat To Live

as recommended by Giles Bowkett.

I think I prefer Michael Pollan, but Joel would say his Three Food Rules aren't sufficient to really improve your health.

At first I was afraid he was a Raw Food junkie, but he's not quite hard-core about that, just about eating "nutrient-rich" foods (e.g. green veggies, then other veggies, then fruit) in huge quantities. But he does think more Raw is better.

  • He suggests a whole head of romaine every day.
  • He thinks there are longevity benefits with getting down to only 1-2 servings/week of animal protein!

Note his book is from 2003 - new scientific proof?

He likes fiber because it fills you up. And he treats it as a "nutrient".

He doesn't like grains much, not even whole grains, because they're often more processed than the name implies.

He doesn't like Olive Oil. Even two of the most enthusiastic proponents of the Mediterranean Diet... concede it is viable only for people who are close to their ideal weight.

He sells his own Multi Vitamin because he says they shouldn't include beta-carotene, Vitamin A, Folic Acid, etc. $0.50/day (His biggest requirement is to take B12 because plants don't give it.)

He says Glycemic Index is the wrong thing to focus on. Better to ensure the ''presence'' of fiber.

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