(2011-04-08) Page Does Major Google Reorg

Larry Page, returning as CEO, has just finished a major ReOrg, shifting from a horizontal/matrix org to a more vertical structure to give separate business units more autonomy. (Duh.)

Jonathan Rosenberg has already resigned.

Page promoted a bunch of folks to SVP-s of the different units. Sundar Pichai is now senior vice president of Chrome, Vic Gundotra is SVP of social (Social Networking), Andy Rubin SVP of mobile, Salar Kamangar SVP of YouTube and video, Alan Eustace SVP of search and Susan Wojcicki SVP of ads. The fates of some other current SVP-s is unknown.

Page considers Social Networking to be important enough to drive a chunk of everyone's bonus for 2011.

  • Mike Elgan thinks this is a mistake. Google's strategy of baking social into everything will never, ever beat FaceBook. Google needs a social networking site. (But not Orkut.)

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