(2012-04-20) Enhanced Nook Book Woes

I just bought an EBook from Barnes And Noble.

I don't own a Nook, I generally convert to DRM-free EPub and use FBReader, or else use the Nook app on my Archos70 Tablet or on my Mac Lap Top (which uses an old crusy "Barnes & Noble eReader" app).

This is an "enhanced Nook Book". 2012-04-19-WagnerCreatingInnovators

It won't let me download from my browser.

On my tablet, it started to let me download, then it warned me that it's a 500MB+ file. Which irritates me, but ok. But then it says the file isn't the right kind.

So now I'm downloading/installing the new Nook app for my Lap Top.

  • it prompts me for account info, then rejects my password because it's too short. But that's my actual working online password!
  • would go on to change my real password, but realize that if I can't read this on my tablet, I'm not interested....

Updating my Nook app on my Tablet...

  • "Can't parse package." Try again: download unsuccessful! Am I running low on space? Doesn't seem like it.
  • eventually I un-install, then try to download/install. Still fails... Try again, tablet locks up. Reboot, try again... ok succeed.
  • asks for id/password. "Internal error: Exception executing the command". Boy QA needs to be fired. Probably need to change my password...
  • go online and change password to follow new rules
  • try to log in again, same horrible error message.
  • realize I had my email mis-spelled. Fix that, try again. Same error!

Emailed cust-svc to request refund (4:55pmCT).

Update: got refund

Warnings on website

  • this book page does actually say Available on NOOK devices and apps: NOOK Color; NOOK Tablet
  • whereas other ebooks say Available on NOOK devices and apps with a tooltip to popup a list of all the software apps, etc.
  • so I should have been more careful
  • but since you register a nook with b&n, shouldn't they warn you more when put an "enhanced" book in your shopping cart, like "You haven't registered a Nook Color or Nook Tablet, but this enhanced ebook can't be read on other devices. Are you sure you want to buy?"

May14 update: I just checked back, and they now have a "plain" Nook EBook that will run on all Nook software. Bought it.

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