(2014-04-18) Brooks Project Collaborationware

Ben Brooks ponders what he wants in Project Collaboration Ware, triggered by his current experience with GlassBoard, Quip, SlackCom, and BaseCamp.

  • Group Discussion topic Hierarchal Structure, so some threads can be general, and others specific. But then easily cross-referencable, Associative.

  • Commenting on files and images is crucial... I should be able to upload a mockup, and each person responding should be able to comment on that, and upload iterations of that mockup all on the same ‘thread’.

  • Collaborative Writing

  • Private Messaging (not tied to a personal Instant Messaging app)

  • smart Notification/update feed

  • personal collections/folders of items (threads, tickets, pages) in the system

  • good archiving (hiding)

  • be able to turn a thread into a task (Issue Tracker)

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