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I love an Issue Tracker Wiki

BugZilla may be the market leader (not counting MsExcel).

alternatives (recommended by members of a CTO list):

Paul Brown reminds us that bugs are not issues and vice versa - but in some environments that difference may not matter much


Some observations from personal experience

(with web/wiki-based IssueTracker, plus PDA personal task lists)

You typically want a node to represent an entire ProJect or significant subproject/deliverable, with multiple granular tasks buried inside. So you're going to want to keep renaming your node to include the Next Action (Getting Things Done model). Which means you need to deal with (a) back-renaming all the wiki links into a node, and/or (b) divorce the nodeId/URI from its WikiName, so that non-wiki links (e.g. in email) to a node still work after renaming.

You want to make it easy to manage your Development Queue by changing dueDates on lots of nodes quickly. This doesn't necessarily require AJAX, though the alternative approach (id-suffix for each row-field in a single form for a single HttpPost) can be ugly.

I keep coming back to needing a Task Hierarchy. If you're not going to have a hierarchy of separate subtask nodes, then you need a way to have each node be a long Out Lining document that you can collapse/expand. That way you have a series of Next Action-s.

see also Mind Map As To Do List


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