(2018-07-16) CoachBot Random Reminders

I was pondering the next step of CoachBot experiences/media, and a number of people have recently been tweeting/etc about SRS/Anki, random note-reminders, etc.

So I decided to build a fresh TwitterBot to do something similar

  • 2 options to random-choose between
    • a random page from this WikiLog plus its forward-wiki-links (WikiGraphBrowser) (which reminders me of a given page in the space, plus how that idea connects to other ideas) (Associative) - to maybe inspire some WikiGardening
    • a random line from my AnnoyingQuote list (which tends toward the life-is-weird-and-connected blathering)

I just made it a public account: https://twitter.com/bot_coach


  • start nudge.py
  • uses /st/twitter.py
  • API.PostDirectMessage()
  • from which account?
  • make new one for CoachBot?
  • use existing: RealityHacks? That doesn't exist, have only WikiNotebook, FirstWorldStoic, and SockPuppet
  • change mind: was going to use DM, but just do Post/Tweet, and set my notifications to get alert on any post from that user. (This is a lot of work for other users, so might not scale.)
  • TweePy docs on authentication have moved to http://docs.tweepy.org/en/v3.5.0/auth_tutorial.html
  • register app at https://apps.twitter.com/
  • hmm no Callback URL? leave blank for now
  • ugh want mobile phone num - go ahead and enter, hope not a problem
  • app-name = bot_coach
  • save keys into config.json (though not sure of the first name key)
  • tweak nudge.py to send static tweet; run it; no error, but no tweet. Log file?
  • ah sneaky code used a different config.json so it sent correct tweet, but through my personal ID.
  • fix code. Now exception twitter.TwitterError: [{u'message': u'Invalid or expired token.', u'code': 89}]


  • read old TwitterBot notes, ah have to run get_access_token.py to get info for config.json
  • static tweet works!
  • got the whole thing working: random between AnnoyingQuote and WikiGraph.
  • having issues with write-permissions on crontab...

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Aug'2020 trying to revive: (2020-08-09) Reviving TwitterBots

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