(2020-05-17) Integrating Images And Files Into WikiFlux

Pondering how to Integrate Images And Files Into WikiFlux (for both WikiLog and PrivateWiki.


  • want photos and other images to show inline
  • also occasionally binary files, like a Scapple MindMap file.
  • want a pretty permanent solution: Cool URLs Don't Change
    • hmm, I don't really care about an image/file URL being permanent for others, so much as a working display.
    • maybe some sort of macro in WikiFlux engine to take a "root URL" and apply the current-engine's path?
      • (my main image-URL-rendering is buried within the CommonMark library - so I'm talking about a sort of post-processor)
      • hmm I wonder if I did that on my earlier engines?

Looking at what I have buried in my pages

  • lots of flickr URLs, usually just raw link, not inline
  • ah, I used InterWiki link sometimes (to FlickR) - good for linking, not for inline
    • but I could tweak that piece of code to handle URLs ending in jpg/png/gif differently....

But where would I store them?

  • in WikiFlux static directory?
    • Flask standard model assumes single static directory per app, what if I end up with multiple users?
      • I think I saw some examples making this dynamic
      • also, could use subdirectory of static for each user (hostname)....
      • but then I'd have to control access, etc - better let them use their own filespace somewhere

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