(2020-09-23) Time To Replace MacBookPro

It's time to replace my MacBookPro.

  • it's 6 years old!
  • running ancient MacOsX (yeah I could just upgrade that)
  • mouse-pad click is dying
  • screw gone from bottom

Since I don't carry it daily (though I have sometimes in the past for commute hmm), and I don't have good space for a 2nd monitor at home, I always go with big screen. So that's 16" now. (And means no MacBookAir which only comes in 13".)

And we're in transition to the ARM chips. But I don't really need super speed, as long as I have lots of RAM for too many open tabs and some background services.

  • and this rumor guide says What seems more likely is the rumor that Apple Silicon MacBooks will debut at an October 27 Apple event that's leaked out. Another leak suggest the 12-inch MacBook will be reborn with Apple Silicon and that and MacBook Pro (13-inch) models will get the ARM update this fall as well. The next devices to transfer from Intel chips to Apple Silicon are the iMac and MacBook Pro (16-inch), which will get ARM versions in 2021, while Apple still sells Intel versions. So seems unlikely I'll wait for that. Sigh.

But new announcements should result in price drops for existing stuff, right?


  • higher-end (8-core, 1TB storage) is $2800
  • 6-core 500GB is $2400 (I could probably live with this, I don't use that much storage either)
  • for both that's 16GB - that matches what I have now... is it worth spending $400 to double it? Probably not.
  • I can get the cheaper unit from Amazon for $2150.
    • dang could have gotten it for $1999 in July?!?
    • wait for Prime Day, rumored Oct13? Since last year, we've seen the arrival of two new models: the 16-inch MacBook Pro (2019) and the MacBook Pro 13-inch (2020), both of which include the newly improved Magic Keyboard. Because they're so new, it's not so likely we'll see an Apple Amazon Prime Day discount on these models. And not included in this list.

Sept14: ordered from Amazon.

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Nov18: I coulda had an M1! Nah, couldn't have made it...

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