(2022-04-13) Revisiting AppWiki and WikiProxy

Revisiting old AppWiki and WikiProxy ideas, because pondering

Also see related/older (2020-12-22) Graph-driven SoftwareForge

My bias/context is a software-product company (product team), so there already has to be an integrated SoftwareForge, so that provides the wiki. (Therefore "even" a marketing person should be using that same wiki engine. But probably not using its task manager.)

And I think I'll focus on the single-employer model first, before adding the complexity of juggling multiple companies.

  • otoh I'll assume a product person with a single employer also has their own personal to do list and digital garden, etc..

Some background key points

  • leaning more toward browser-extension than proxy-server app
  • but that still leaves out mobile and desktop non-web apps

So what do I want?

  • auto-link double-brackets words to wiki pages
    • What if different groups have different wiki spaces? (In general I suspect that's not a great idea, but I'm not sure about that; plus it seems likely to happen...)
      • in Asana, could have each user set their default space.... tie task's creator (or assignee?) to the space
  • backlinks - from wiki page to tasks, calendar events, etc.

Actually this is smelling like wanking again.

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