Product Team

group that does Team Work together on Product Development (ideally Agile Product Development) or D And D

From Software For Your Head: A person can only achieve his potential by being intolerant of the malignant and embracing the beneficent. The consistent practices required by such a personal policy inevitably lead to more rational and simpler ways (SimplestThing) - not only in you, but in your environment. The millions of Product Teams that make up the high-tech industry could become the central emerging community (The Craft). They may well be the most critical cultural elements and, boom or bust, they constitute the most influential segment (tribe?) of civilization in this era... In some eras, a spectacular surge of vitality propagates throughout the Cultures of the time... Perhaps the vitality of our era can be found in the idea of connectedness. Perhaps we are in the beginning of the Connected Era (Network Society). People will increasingly function in a less time-bound/place-bound style. Yet their presence and levels of Engagement may well be greater.

Telic group

needs a TeamWiki (actually SoftwareForge) of course

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