My CollaborationWare History

What CollaborationWare have I used?


  • when I arrived
    • the dev team was using JIRA (having used Asana in the past)
    • they have used Confluence in the past but moved to GitHub-wiki, which they weren't adding too much
    • PMs weren't using anything (besides MsOffice)
    • so I started using/spreading Confluence
  • I started frequently using Google Spreadsheet and other Google Apps when MsOffice sharing was painful
  • we also use
  • the Marketing and Sales teams both use Asana
  • Jul'2020 PMs are moving to BaseCamp, but it doesn't seem to be replacing anything.

For Family Financial Future, since it's just me, I use Private Wiki pages and MindMap As ToDoList.

At AEP I put in RedMine.

At DailyLit we used TracWiki.

At Living Independently I put in TracWiki.

At Axiom Legal we used Wiki For CollaborationWare. See that page for lots of detail.

At Medscape I used InfoDepot plus a Mac Discussion Forum app.

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