Annotation Systems

Annotation System-s typically allow any reader/user to attach a comment (structured or not) to any web object-node they find.

== Systems that make Annotation visible at the original source ==

There have been browser plug-ins like Third Voice for these.

Microsoft started to launch MsSmartTags, but an outcry caused them to pull the plug. The biggest issue was that they would be the primary supplier of annotations.

There have been proxy servers like Crit Org

In the short-term it seems like a bad idea to have annotations spread through multiple non-integrated systems. On the other hand, maybe it makes sense to have each Virtual Community running its own annotation system. But how many communities are you part of?

  • This seems similar to the issues of having Chandler/OSAF hold your personal notes, while also allow sharing/mixing of content in something like a shared team Wiki.

Annotea Semantic Web activity

I wonder whether BackLinks creates a similar effect...

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