Collective Intelligence

Hive Mind, or something else? Intelligence Increase?

Collective intelligence as characterized by Tom Atlee, Douglas Engelbart, Cliff Joslyn, Ron Dembo, and other theorists, is that which overcomes "Group-Think" and individual Cognitive Bias in order to allow a relatively large number of people to cooperate in one process - leading to reliable action. In this context, it refers to a very rigorous consensus Decision Making, and may properly be considered a subfield of sociology.

A Hive Mind (sometimes spelled hivemind) Is A form of collective consciousness strongly exibiting traits of conformity and Group-Think. Gary Bolles and others

Cosma Shalizi: Collective Cognition

book by Pierre Levy ISBN:0306456354


listing 8 forms of CI

best when it's Actionable? Leads to Collective Action? Evolution?

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