Anthony Zinni

retired general from the US MarineCorps

Critic of the War On Iraq

  • Aug'2002 - Attacking Iraq now will cause a lot of problems. I think the debate right now that's going on is very healthy. If you ask me my opinion, Gen. Scowcroft, Gen. Powell, Gen. Schwarzkopf, Gen. Zinni, maybe all see this the same way. It might be interesting to wonder why all the generals see it the same way, and all those that never fired a shot in anger and really hell-bent to go to war see it a different way. That's usually the way it is in history. |May'2004

  • From 1997 to 2000, he was commander-in-chief of the United States Central Command, in charge of all American troops in the Middle East. That was the same job held by Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf before him, and Gen. TommyFranks after.

  • Now, in a new book about his career, co-written with Tom Clancy, called "BattleReady," (ISBN:0399151761 ) Zinni has handed up a scathing indictment of the Pentagon and its conduct of the war in Iraq.

  • I give all the credit in the world to Ambassador Paul Bremer as a great American who's serving his country, I think, with all the kind of sacrifice and spirit you could expect. But he has made mistake after mistake after mistake.

  • Unless we change our communication and demonstrate a different image to the people on the street, then we're gonna get to the point where we are going to be looking for quick exits. I don't believe we're there now. And I wouldn't want to see us fail here.

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