Distributed Membership System

System that lets End Users manage their personal profile in one location, and have Member Sites be able to access parts of that profile (with user's permission) to ease registration and financial transactions (purchases of goods, Micro-Payments for content, etc.)

Beyond Single Sign-On...

Key early example was Microsoft's Passport.

A key benefit of this is having a Global User ID.

Digital Identity WebLog http://weblog.digital-identity.info/

Ed Tech standards for LMS integration: LTI https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Learning_Tools_Interoperability

Aug'2013: Tim Bray series on a WebApp developer outsourcing (Federating) his users' id/password authentication to one of the big providers (Google, FaceBook, Twitter, Mozilla Persona...)

Forge Rock IAM http://forgerock.com/

One Login http://www.onelogin.com/

Authorization: ACL for Intranet?

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