Very small charges (less than $0.10, maybe less than $0.01) for services (typically for content, or use of an application) on the internet or web.

  • and the other direction: small payments to end-user for value they provide

One hope for Business Models For Information.

does a Tip Jar count?

Jakob Nielsen wants it.

Some say it will never happen. I bought a Metropass. And I doubt I get my full 52 trips per month out of it. But I realized that my extra money buying so much more than a little convenience! I am buying freedom!

  • (esp Clay Shirky): users want predictable and simple pricing. Micropayments, meanwhile, waste the users' mental effort in order to conserve cheap resources, by creating many tiny, unpredictable transactions. Micropayments thus create in the mind of the user both anxiety and confusion, characteristics that users have not heretofore been known to actively seek out.




Some channels (can be used separately or in combination)

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