John Holt

Big proponent of UnSchooling/Home-Schooling. Died in 1985.

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1980 interview

1980 Mother Earth interview

origins of Home-Schooling

Instead Of Education ISBN:1591810094

Education (Educating Kids) cannot succeed as long as it is Compulsory Schooling (Coercion).

Profile of Ny Lilleskole in Denmark.

To make schooling work, we must

  • stop making it compulsory

  • provide non-school methods of Certification

  • have schools stop ranking/rating people (Bell Curve)

  • have schools stop making pscho-babble evaluations of students, and just give them grades

    • have these grades be "owned" by the student, never distributed without permission, originals handed over to student

Emphasis on Learning By Doing.

Teach Your Own ISBN:0738206946

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