the ultimate Small School :)

for Fractally Generative Pattern Language


  • GoalOfEducating Kids: We want our kids to end up as young adults capable of Making A Living, understanding the universe, dealing appropriately with their fellow humans, and being responsible citizens of an Open Society.



great if you don't need to be a Two Income Family

Chris O Donnell has a blog category on it.

John Holt was the guru of the UnSchooling variety.

State governments vary widely in how much they meddle in this: http://www.hslda.org/laws/


If I were going to do with for my kids (Raising Kids, Educating KidsInNyc, Raising Reality Hackers) what would we do? (Curriculum)

goal: encourage kids to be Renaissance Man, Hacker, Designer

buy each a Lap Top (OLPC) and Digital Camera

find Sketching medium that's convenient to use in other places (charcoal makes too much hand and floor mess)

get out of the house daily for lots of walking

teach them to do housework with me, run errands together

field trips

  • sketching or photos

  • museums, etc.

  • public spaces: empty and busy

  • try to get in the "back rooms" to see how places run, what people do

lots of Reading And Writing

teach them Scratch, then Squeak Smalltalk and Python

Exposing Young Kids To Science

continue Martial Art

continue PianoLessons, plus I teach them Recorder, we play group music

do some kind of Start Up/SmallCo?

keep watching good TV

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