Mac Personal SVN Server

Need a local Version Control System on my MacBook. Considered trying a DVCS, but decided to stick with more mature/familiar SubVersion for now.


  • S C Plugin sounds cool but I'm not sure it's fully baked yet.

  • This post talked about what's pre-installed on MacOs X, and how to upgrade them.

  • This post talks about using 'file://' URI to access, implying you don't even need a SubVersion server (?), and plus non-free client apps. (Mark Bernstein later tweeted me that he uses file-based svn himself.) It also points to....

  • Martin Ott's page which includes a 1.5.5 package. (If that doesn't work, this will be next.) It installed, but now what?

  • Installed fresh v1.0 of SvnX. Seems to have interface to make a new repository, etc.

  • Decide to have single repository for everything, since I'm going to be the only user, not triggering emails, etc.

  • hmm, looking at the SvnX add-repository window, it seems very happy adding a 'file://' repository, which makes me nervous. Ah, now that I think about it, this isn't an interface for creating repositories, but rather for managing the list of repositories the client accesses. So I guess I'll play with the Command Line.

  • ah, found some notes that refer directly to using Martin Ott's install. I made a folder via the Finder rather than Terminal, then used Terminal to 'sudo svnadmin create /users/billseitz/documents/mySvnRepository'

  • then launched with 'svnserve -d -r /users/billseitz/documents/mySvnRepository' - hmm, is there a particular port number that uses?

  • I went back into SvnX and "added" a repository at 'svn://localhost/' - which of course is empty. Tried adding a Directory into the repository, and got rejected for Authorization.

  • tried going into 'documents/' and doing 'svn import djcode svn://localhost/djcode -m "New Django import"' but got Authorization failure. Tried using sudo, still got rejected.

  • found that subfolders within repository had owner 'root', so did 'sudo chown -R' to get them owned by 'billseitz'. But 'svn import' still getting rejected.

  • tried 'chmod -R u=rwx mySvnRepository' but still getting rejected

  • ah, found this - so edited config file to have 'anon-access = write' - Command Line import now worked!

  • then, need to checkout, so delete that snapshot that I had just imported, go to 'documents/' and do 'svn checkout svn://localhost/djcode'

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