yet another Python Web Framework - heavy MVC mentality

Oct'2015: at version 1.8.5

Simon Willison was involved along with Adrian Holovaty.

key plugins -

1100+ "packages" (apps) to leverage. So much redundancy that they have a grid system for evaluating alternatives.

intro implementing a ToDoList.

steps in processing a request

extending its User Model for Web Authentication (2006) (e.g. to add extra fields to the user's profile)

Starting to play with it - Mar'2009

There's a book-v2 draft in-process that includes django-v1 (book currently in print doesn't cover that version).

Running it on my MacBook, just using SQLite for now.

Decided it's time to try TextMate.

To run multiple projects, it looks like I set a manual port number when launching like 'python runserver 8001'.

At first blush, I hate the Template System here as much as with every other one. Though maybe the extra goodies make it worthwhile...

Database chapter

Uh, boy, turning on the admin interface created all sorts of issues

Apr23'2009: Set up Mac Personal Svn Server before going further.

Apr23 decide to jump into using PinAx, and working on a personal project

Aug'2010 - start building app with DjanGo and MongoDb, so avoiding PinAx for now, but using the Virtual Env I created there.... Django And Mongodb.

Then decide that's a distraction, and I should focus on the product and stay with the mainstream/core framework.

start fresh Sept15'2010

start fresh, following docs for 1.2.

Sept26 update: decide to get complicated, and use 2 Data Store-s

Outcome: get DayJob, put this on hold.

Mar'2012: come back, decide to stick with straight DjanGo (and SQL): Django For Simplest Thing.

Dec'2013: Jeff Knupp's recommendations for startup up a project the right way. (v 1.6)

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