Nano/Bio/Info/Cogno-tech (NanoTechnology, BioTechnology, Information Technology/IT, Cognitive Science/NeuroScience

the new-NewEconomy?


reference to report ("Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance") published after Dec2001 workshop that kicked off the field - in the early decades of the twenty-first century, concentrated efforts can unify science based on unity in nature, therefore advancing the combination of nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and new human technologies based in cognitive science. With proper attention to ethical issues and societal needs, converging technologies could determine a tremendous improvement in human abilities, societal outcomes, the nation's productivity, and the quality of life. This is a broad, cross cutting, emerging and timely opportunity of interest to individuals, society and humanity in the long term.

  • I like "Theme D: Enhancing Group and Societal Outcomes" - The panel strongly asserted that work should begin now to create The Communicator, a mobile system designed to enhance group communication and overcome barriers that currently prevent people from cooperating effectively. (Collaboration Ware) (Actually the vision of the Communicator sounds pretty silly/scary.)

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