Nature Of Order

series of books by Christopher Alexander: he has come to believe that Patterns themselves are not enough, and that one needs a "MorphoGenetic" understanding of the formation of the built environment

framing this as a more Generative process.

Table of Contents

Prologue: The Art of Building and the Nature of the Universe

Book One: The Phenomenon of Life

  • Degrees of life (aliveness)
  • How life comes from Whole Ness
  • Fifteen fundamental properties
  • The awakening of space
  • The mirror of the self
  • Beyond Descartes: A new form of scientific observation
  • The personal nature of order

Book Two: The Process of Creating Life

  • The principle of unfolding wholeness
  • Structure-preserving transformations
  • Examples in traditional towns and buildings
  • Perversity and arbitrariness of early modern design
  • 20th century cases where unfolding has occurred
  • Is a hyper-modern process of unfolding possible?
  • The fundamental process
  • The sequence of forming centers
  • Deep feeling
  • A new architecture

Book Three: A Vision of a Living World

  • The fundamental process repeated ten million times
  • A new profession of architecture
  • Forming a collective vision
  • The hulls of public space
  • Big buildings
  • Housing, pedestrians, and cars
  • Transformation of an urban neighborhood
  • Volume, site, and space
  • Structure of small buildings
  • Uniqueness of each individual place
  • The character of gardens
  • Continuous invention of building details
  • Ornament and color
  • Hints of necessary changes in society
  • Simplicity

Book Four: The Luminous Ground

  • Towards the nature of matter
  • Existence of the "I"
  • Origins of living structure
  • Ten-thousand pictures of the "I"
  • The ground
  • Color and inner light
  • Pure unity: the goal of tears
  • Pleasing your self: escaping the thought-police
  • The face of God
  • The nature of the universe

Epilogue: The Art of Building

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