kinda like a Taxonomy, but with more clauses defining relationships among terms

Oct'2021 Dorian Taylor thread: it is the most organized way to write down a set of conceptual entities and semantic relations and then voilĂ  you can start computing with them... very handy thing to have in your back pocket is lov (https://lov.linkeddata.es/dataset/lov/) which is basically npm for ontologies.... if you write it the proper way (in rdf-a like these guys https://privatealpha.com/ontology/) then the spec is simultaneously human- and machine-readable... vocabs that are obviously useful:

I think in many cases a Shared Language is as far as you're likely to get. And maybe WikiWord/Sister Sites is the right way to capture that.

Maybe MicroFormat is compromise for standardized non-doc data types?

John Wilkins worked on this in the 1600s.

Related to the Semantic Web?


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