(Kinda a pun in my head, since it's meant to mean "Persona" but could also be used as "Person A, Person B, Person C" instead of "Alice, Bob, Charlie".)

Alan Cooper design thinking tool

  • but not really the first creator

From now on, your Persona is like a character in a play. They have a motivation and a desired end-state.

Similar to User Scenarios, Target Customer Characterization (Crossing the Chasm) - focused on fleshing out Context of a user to identify Compelling needs.

  • need at least 1 per Market Segment?
  • also relevant for other purposes
    • meta: It's a model, so the same business might have 2 different sets of Personas for the same general type of stakeholder, for different purposes/contexts

2004 stream of articles

Don Norman AdHoc Personas

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