Presidential Candidates 2004

While I'm tempted not to care and just wait to vote for whatever Democrat gets the nomination (Libertarian-s need to join the Anybody But Bush party), I think I need to use this as an opportunity to try and boil down the effluvia into terse statements related to an Open Society Context.

Notes from pre-Kerry selection

I'll put some policy areas in what I see as decreasing order of importance/urgency, and summarize how I perceive the candidates' positions on them (if elected I will not serve). I'll try to have some appropriate supporting links, and I'll be open to challenges to the accuracy of my summaries...

War On Iraq:

  • George W Bush said Saddam Hussein has Weapons Of Mass Destruction and must be deposed so those weapons can be eliminated.

  • Howard Dean said The difficulties and tragedies we have faced in Iraq show that the administration launched the war in the wrong way, at the wrong time, with inadequate planning, insufficient help, and at unbelievable cost. which to me doesn't fully condemn the war.

  • Wesley Clark says Early exit means retreat or defeat. Earlier (2/5/03) said The credibility of the United States is on the line, and Saddam Hussein has these weapons and so, you know, we're going to go ahead and do this and the rest of the world's got to get with us. (ding)

  • John Kerry

  • John Edwards

  • Bill Seitz: we had no business going there, there was no immediate threat. Get out as quickly as possible. Pass power to the UN and aim for an Open Society, which doesn't necessarily mean immediate Liberal Democracy. Get Rule Of Law, BalanceOfPowers, Church And State separation, etc. into place first.

Foreign Policy, Dealing With Terrorism, Patriot Act, etc.

  • George W Bush: if it takes an Empire and Pure War to spread the PNAC model, so be it.

  • Howard Dean [says]( Server?pagename=policy_statement_civilrights_patriotact) Now the Attorney General is seeking to supplement the Patriot Act with Patriot Act 2, included in the Administration's so-called "VictoryAct" proposal. Rather than expanding the Patriot Act, we should reconsider the wisdom of the original bill. But in Vermont there is some question about his loyalty to citizen overview of government activities...

  • Wesley Clark says That's why I think that Congress should fully review the so-called USA PATRIOT Act - and repeal the provisions that go too far.

  • Bill Seitz: accelerate Donald Rumsfeld's plans to dramatically restructure the military. Roll back the Patriot Act (and go further).

Balanced Budget, ????


  • George W Bush:

  • Dennis Kucinich says I've introduced legislation with JohnConyers of Michigan, HR 676, to create a universal, single-payer HealthCare system - a national health plan, extended Medicare for all. ding

  • Bill Seitz: make individual HealthCare coverage payments tax-deductible, just like corporate benefits, to accelerate de-coupling of employment from HealthCare. Use Means Testing (taking into account income and assets) to reduce transfer payments to non-deserving senior citizens.

War On Drugs

Educating Kids

  • George W Bush:

  • Dennis Kucinich says You extrapolate that and you have between $60 and $72 billion a year that would have to be set aside (to provide) tuition-free education at public colleges and universities. So the question would be, where could that money come from? I want to see the tax breaks that went to people in the top bracket canceled, and put that money right into a fund for universal college education, tuition-free. (ding)

  • Bill Seitz: reduce the amount of federally-required standardized testing. Support via Bully Pulpit Charter School programs, School Vouchers, and principal managerial power. Eliminate Labor Union-s for public school employees.

Corporate Welfare:

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