Product Team Members Report To The Team Leader



  • Hand-offs between specialist teams create delays and mis-communication and/or overhead.
  • Countless product decisions can be made more complicated/expensive than their value warrants.
  • Refining ideas as group with shared sense of "cost" vs "benefit" accelerates finding sweet-spot of small-batch delivery.
  • Even in a consultative organization, having a well-defined leader tends to improve FlowState.


  • A (software) Product Team should be a sticky, product-focused (not technology-stack-focused/), cross-functional Two-Pizza Team. Probably 5 devs + 1 QA + 1 UX/UI Designer + Team Leader.
  • All its members should report directly to the Team Leader. Not to their Functional Management. They should have a supportive functional Community of Practice, but "standards" etc need to be sold to Team Leaders.
  • The Team Leader should probably be a Product Manager. This may be a syllogism.
  • But since the majority of the team will probably be developers, the Team Leader should have enough development experience to have deep dialogue/collaboration with the devs about finding the sweet-spot of benefit-vs-cost in defining each initiative.

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