idea of a variation/subset of the World Wide Web which has fewer of the ugly bits (Small World) - less advertising/surveillance capitalism? less disinformation? less web browser monoculture? More Indie?

some people want to go back to Gopher!

cf Gemini

Re-start on SOLID and/or IPFS?

Or maybe a subset of WorldWideWeb specs? That would offer the most backward-compatibility....

  • what to include/exclude? Feels like each option needs to be mapped in 3-space: ease/difficulty of support (building browsers and servers); value (high/low) to 1st-parties (creators/consumers, not 3rd parties like ad companies); risk of introducing Enshittification.
  • candidates to drop
    • 3rd-party cookies
    • 3rd-party JavaScript embeds
    • all JavaScript?
    • SSL/TLS - ooh that would generate debate
      • while I think the HTTPS-Everywhere push is misguided when pushed on to free content sites, if we want people to be able to make money from their online activities, no matter how Indie, we need SSL
    • is there some level of CSS that's hard to support?

Are we trying to focus on "document spreading"? What about "good" social networking (Webs Of Thinkers And Thoughts)?

Do we want the Small-Web Browser to support end-user programming. An easy/safe way of customization through plug-in like today's browser extensions? Uh-oh are we back to JavaScript? Or should we "go back" to Scheme?

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