Theo Schlossnagle

Scalability guru


author: ScalableInternetArchitectures ISBN:067232699X - hrm 2006, but reviews say it's very mental-model-oriented, so maybe that's ok

on "Why PHP Sucks"

interview - includes lots of stuff on their MessageSystems app, distinguishing MTA from MDA, etc.; plus Scalability in general and his book. It is my belief that the reason there are so many FrameWork-s is that there is exactly one framework for each really smart person with a unique problem. This means that if you build your site well and it's a unique site, which means your problems are different than someone else's, there's going to be one more framework out there and it's going to be yours. All these frameworks that are popping up are individuals solving their own unique problems. It's the blinded belief that a particular framework is a "save all" that is the real danger.

using D-Trace with PostgreSQL.

brother: George Schlossnagle

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