There are 3 Games of Product Management

There are 3 Games of Product Management, and each of these has variations based on the context.

cf So Good They Can't Ignore You, Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose, GamePlaying, RealWorldGame

What defines the context that varies each game?

My "hot take"

  • I want to maximize my success/mastery at Game1, to serve customers and progress (My Calling). There are few organizations or people who care very much about this. Most Successful Companies Get Just One Thing Right.
  • I want reasonable success at Game3
  • I consider Game2 a distraction, and Change Management is so rarely effective, that I prefer to seek Orgs that will be aligned with my Game1.
  • an awful lot of PM advice is really just about Game3, even if it doesn't seem like it, because it's about "following the process" that makes you look like you're doing the right stuff, even if your results are mediocre. PM-theater.

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