Thinking Tools Lab

Organization for training future Software Developer-s, Lean Startup people by building tools like on the Collaboration Roadmap. Make the products Open Source for public benefit.

  • though the downside of the Open Source deliverable is that it removes "valuable enough to Pay For" as yardstick of feedback. Though, given that tools would involve more commitment than pressing a Like Button, usage might be good enough.

Learn from Cuny Academic Commons, SaKai?

What I learned from Creating Innovators is that all the great new programs and professors out there at colleges are totally outside the mainstream of their own institutions. They have no tenure, and their programs usually only exist because they got their own funding from outside! This even applies to the famous D-School!

I need to work on a Lean Canvas for this.

Oct'2013: Dave Winer believes every university should be home to an Open Source project. We must learn to create systems that have lasting value, work for real human beings, software that creates freedom instead of consuming it. Software that embodies the values of the academy. I Commented: I wonder if it would be better to have a general open-source track that teaches students about open-source and requires them to be an active member of some project. Forcing them to focus on whatever project ends up homed at a university seems a bit "off". (Though it's certainly simpler.)

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