Lean Canvas

Lean Startup model for documenting a Business Model for a Lean Startup. From Ash Maurya.



Background, Ash's design decisions, etc. http://www.ashmaurya.com/2012/02/why-lean-canvas/

He thinks about them (and validates them) in this order (order updated over time)

  1. Market: Customer Segments (Market Segment): Who are the customers/users of this system? Can they be further segmented? (He makes a separate Canvas for each target segment.)

  2. Unique Value Proposition: Tag-Line, Positioning Statement, Elevator Pitch: what Bad-Ass results will the customer get with your product?

  3. Problem: 3 top problems you're addressing: barriers to achieving the outcome. (Problem Interview)

  4. Product's Solution: Minimum Viable Product feature-set

  5. Product: Key Activity: user actions that drive revenue.

  6. Market: free and paid Sales Channel-s to reach people in your segment - see Start Small, Stay Small (Content Marketing)?

  7. Cost Structure: fixed and variable costs

  8. Revenue Model: Revenue Stream-s, Lifetime Value, Gross Margin, Break Even point, etc.

  9. Unfair Advantage (cannot be copied or bought) ("moat"): you might not ever have one.

Integrating into other documents for other-level decisions: Lean Stack 2012-06-15-MauryaLeanStack

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