Lean Startup

Eric Ries model for Start Up Product Development and Customer Development

There are three legs to the lean startup concept: Agile Product Development, low-cost (fast to market) Platform-s, and rapid-iteration Customer Development.


The biggest source of waste in a Start Up is building something that nobody wants.

Adopted heavily in the Micro ISV sector.

For Fractally Generative Pattern Language



  • You think it's a great idea, but you don't know whether anyone else will.
  • Focus Group-s, Market ResearchSurvey-s, and other traditional Market Research methods are horrible at predicting actual User Adoption.
  • You can't afford to spend a year and a hundred thousand dollars before finding out that nobody wants it.


Colleges teaching it?

different spin - order of actions

Process alternative 1

(This is an Iterative process - better to consider lots of alternatives for every variable up-front before you start investing hard dollars or significant time.)

Pick a Warm Niche you want to serve for years. See Kevin Dewalt this and this.

Customer Discovery

Build Minimum Viable Product (while testing top-3 Sales Channel guesses?)

Customer Validation: start Selling, focus on top Sales Channel, etc.

Add Minimum Viable Feature-s based on Strategies And Risk board via Validated Learning board. (Lean Stack)

Process alternative 2

(Closer to Running Lean)

Have Product idea

Make handful of Lean Canvas variations around this idea - various specific Market Segment-s, Sales Channel-s. Pick most promising-smelling. Do some interviews to refine, decide whether to switch variations.

Launch [Splash Page] to drive Sales Channel tests to; outcome: build Email List (or even take pre-orders?).

Customer Discovery

Continue as with alt1.

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