Collaboration Roadmap

I'm interested in CollaborationWare, software that makes groups of people (including a group of 1) more effective, at both thinking and doing. I guess the world needs a Road Map.

(Do new collaboration techniques support new Organization Models? In the meantime, the Team Is The Focus.)

obsession: Wiki Proliferation


AppLog: WebLog/RSS feed generated from workflow application: Sales Force Management, CRM, etc.

AppWiki: Wiki Name support in a non-Wiki workflow application, making it easier to jump from record to record.

BlogWeb: the World Wide Web of WebLog-s. The Blogosphere.

Book Server: server providing canonical copy of online EBook.

Disputation Arena?

Node Web: model document (e.g. Wiki page) as structured collection of individual nodes

Object Browser: Wiki supporting Structured Data; or maybe a PIM with Wiki Name support

Software Forge: TeamWiki, IssueTracker, Version Control System integration...

Universal Inbox: tool for managing your attention; EMail, RssAggregator, PIM. Perhaps interruption-manager for Instant Messaging

Virtual ThinkingSpace: connected nodes in 3D space

Wiki For CollaborationWare: I believe every team needs a TeamWiki. Software teams need a Software Forge that includes a TeamWiki.

WikiProxy: Proxy Server WebApp that layers Sister Sites NameSpace-s over non-Wiki pages (or maybe even over Wiki pages, providing Sister Sites support when the Wiki site doesn't).

WikiWeb: the World Wide Web of Wiki spaces. How do they connect? WebsOfThinkersAndThoughts?

Some old tech: EMail, Instant Messaging, UseNet/NNTP, PIM

Some newish tech: WebLog, Wiki, WikiWeblog, Radio Userland, Radio Community Server and Instant Outlining. Wiki And Outlining, CoOutlining.

Some categories: Group Discussion, GroupWare, Collaboration Ware

Approaches: Wiki For CollaborationWare, Weblog For CollaborationWare, Intranet, AppLog, Universal Inbox, Object Browser

Spins for looser world of individuals: Thinking Space, BlogWeb, RSS. WikiWeb.

More new tech: Groove

Particularly weird ideas of mine: Universal Inbox, Node Web.

Need a BootStrapping path

Possible milestones

Some different user groups, markets, etc.

or a Portal Collaboration Roadmap for people like Google and Yahoo.

Real Collaboration Challenges (esp as relate to use of Wiki For CollaborationWare)

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