Thomas Barnett

Thomas M P Barnett

author, The Pentagons New Map (ISBN:0399151753 ) - Dealing With Terrorism


  • article by Michael Barone

  • < New Map.htm> - why military engagement with Saddam Hussein's regime in Baghdad is not only necessary and inevitable, but good.


  • reviewed by Chet Richards: And then there's that map. It needs to go.... There is a lot in this book not to like... You can, however, ignore his endorsements of both himself and of the War On Iraq, or not, as you wish and disagree with every one of his conclusions about the composition of the Leviathan intervention force and still stand in awe of the power of his fundamental thesis: Perturb and integrate the Gap. This is the first work since John Boyd to offer a coherent vision for action from national goal to grand strategy and down to strategy, operations, and even tactics. It is breathtaking in scope and in hope for the human race.

Conclusion of his new map:

  • The U.S. as System Administrator

    • Goal #1: Strengthening Core's (Globalization-integrated areas - cross-border flows of investment, people, energy, etc.) ability to withstand System Perturbations

    • Goal #2: Firewall Core off from Gap's (non-integrated regions) worst exports (Core Vs Gap)

    • Goal #3: Shrink the Gap by exporting security & enabling economic integration

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