A software package that implements a Wiki.

They vary in the specific features they offer.

Wiki Wiki Web:WikiEngines

singular: WikiEngine

Should note how the "main" ones handle various possible Wiki Standards:

See Wiki Wiki Web:WikiEngineReview

It would be nice if there were some shortlist of the "most popular" choices (in terms of "number of sites" or "number of public sites" or something...).

  • on the other hand, for a techie who likes to get his hands dirty, the first criterion should probably be the underlying language/platform. I feel the same way about Content Management System selection.

== Pondering simplest hack to migrate from MoinMoin so I don't run out of file-handle resources in Cheap Hosting ==

Wiki Matrix search gets me 6: MoinMoin, Sahris Wiki, SubWiki, TracWiki, Zim and Zwiki

There are also some little hacks written in Flask.

And some in WebPy.

== Evaluating options c2006 ==

Wiki Wiki Web:Quicki Wiki, Wiki Wiki Web:WikiBase - Perl - the original

  • Camel Case only(?)

  • no Wiki Wiki Web:InterWikiMap support!

  • Wiki Wiki Web:TextFormattingRules

    • doubled and tripled single-quotes for italic and bold - yuk

    • don't double-break for bullet list

    • no HTML support

  • RSS: Wiki Wiki Web doesn't have a feed (though there's at least one 3rd-party scraping available); Quicki Wiki does not appear to have feed support.

Zwiki (Python/Zope)

  • standard Camel Case support, plus square brackets

  • RemoteWikiURL, each remote wiki must have its own page

  • Structured Text, plus can use HTML

    • double-linebreaks, even within bullet list

    • asterisks/doubled for italic/bold

UseMod (used by Meatball Wiki): Perl

Blue Oxen/Purple Wiki (Perl, [based]( Wiki) on UseMod)

KWiki: (Perl)

SocialText (Perl, not based on KWiki)

TWiki (Wiki Wiki Web:TwikiClone): Perl

SnipSnap (Java)

Jsp Wiki (Java, JSP)

Jass Wiki (Ms I I S/ASP)

Wiki Dot Net (C#, Ms Dot Net)

MediaWiki: runs Wikipedia (PHP) -

MoinMoin (Python): seems to have a nice architecture for macros, parsers, etc.; see MoinMoin:HelpOnFormatting and MoinMoin:InterWiki

  • really heavy use of single-quotes for italic/bold

  • asterisks with no linebreaks (but with leading space?) to make bullet points

  • external links - use square brackets to contain URI then space then label

  • ....

  • RSS: uses RSS v1/RDF

PikiPiki (Python) was the basis for MoinMoin (and some other WikiEngines). Less-featured, but smaller.

Pp Qwiki (Python) inspired by Q Wiki specifically designed for personal use. Even has some FreeMind support.

  • yuck uses some sort of frames interface, which will really suck on a tiny Sharp Zaurus screen!

    • though it does seem to have a way to hide those menus, and maybe I could hack the code...

OddMuse - Perl, used by Emacs Wiki and Community Wiki

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