(2012-01-06) How To Raise Reality Hackers Title Choices

I'm toying with the idea of writing something on Raising Kids like HowTo Raise Reality Hacker-s. (Background Context: Fractally Generative Pattern Language.) Would probably become a Self Published EBook and then a paid Teaching Sells-like Virtual Community.

Variations on the title: which do you prefer? Make a comment!

Existing books

  • BringingUpGeeks ISBN:0425221563 recasting GEEK as "genuine, enthusiastic, empowered kid" (which sounds like someone deserving a swirlie)
  • The Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth ISBN:1401302025 which is more about dealing with Out Case/Out Sider issues: things that set students apart in high school are the things that help them stand out later in life.

Update: some ideas from other folks I want to remember:

Jan09 update: just found Fast Company article on "GenerationFlux".

  • update: whole series still running in Oct'2014.

Jan31: Different terms for title than Geek or Reality Hacker?

Feb15: finding that "Raising Children" looks like a promising phrase from a Kindle store marketing standpoint, so thinking: Reality Hackers: Raising Children to Thrive in a Turbulent Future

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