Combining Fractally Open Society, Generat Ive, Worldview Roadmap, and ideas from a variety of existing Pattern Language-s.

(Note that pages below which have been structured as PattErn-s are in bold.)


ValUe-s, Meta-Themes:

Patterns, from small/local to big/global/meta

Generative Self Improvement?

Raising Kids: Lean Family, Free Range Kids, Alternatives To Traditional Family

Educating Kids: Goal Of Educating Kids/Raising Reality Hackers, School Reform, School Choice, Product Oriented Unschooling, Un Schooling, Home School, Work Community, Lifelong Learning, Project Based Learning, Construction Ism, Connectiv Ism, Community College

Making A Living

Organizat Ion-s, Teams, Groups, Coalit Ion

Traditional City, Urban Village, Urban Pattern Language, Resilient Community, Generative ZonIng

Un Civilization Technology



Network Economy, Network Society

OpenNet, Disputation Arena, WikiWeb

Collective Intelligence, Augmenting Human Intellect

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