Combining Fractally Open Society, Generat Ive, Worldview Roadmap, and ideas from a variety of existing Pattern Language-s.

(Note that pages below which have been structured as PattErn-s are in bold.)


ValUe-s, Meta-Themes:

Generative Self Improvement?

Raising Kids: Lean Family, Free Range Kids, Alternatives To Traditional Family

Educating Kids: Goal Of Educating Kids/Raising Reality Hackers, School Reform, School Choice, Product Oriented Unschooling, Un Schooling, Home School, Work Community, Lifelong Learning, Project Based Learning, Construction Ism, Connectiv Ism, Community College

Making A Living

Organizat Ion-s, Teams, Groups, Coalit Ion

Generative codes (Building Code) have evolved from Pattern Language-s, but are much more sophisticated generating systems. A generative code is a system of unfolding steps that enable people in a community to create a wholesome and healthy neighborhood. The steps are governed by rules of unfolding that are not rigid, but depend on context, and on what came before. The rules work in a way that is similar to the rules that nature follows to unfold an organism or a natural landscape, but these particular rules unfold a Neighbor Hood and its buildings. (Nomic Game, Alexander Patterns, Resilient Community)

Traditional City, Urban Village, Urban Pattern Language, Resilient Community

Un Civilization Technology



Network Economy

OpenNet, Disputation Arena, WikiWeb

Collective Intelligence, Augmenting Human Intellect

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